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Umbrella for your suit?

18 Nov , 2009  

My umbrella  Ella ella eh eh

(by Bertie)

Some time ago the “Fashion- week” was in Paris ; the most prestigious brands made their show in the most gorgeous place of the capital; for several days&nights it was crazy everywhere, thousands and thousands of bottles of Champaigne were drunk…


…mountains of coke were sniffed by the moviestars and in the tube you might risk being squashed by a young model on her way to her next casting; a true fashion victim. I know it’s not easy to live in the most beautiful town of the world.

One evening after a show, I was waiting for my limousine and next to me, Rihanna from Barbados stood. The rain was falling from the sky and my bespoke got wet. Rihanna noticed that I was in trouble and started to sing her tune “You can stand under my umbrella Ella ella eh eh”. Thank heavens for the umbrella.


Fashion historians claim Jonas Hanway was the first man ever seen in London with an umbrella in the year 1756. Eventhough he had discovered it in Portugal, he isn’t the inventor and Portugal people no more. In fact, we found pictures of umbrellas on sculptures of old Egypt, in the old town of Ninive or Persepolis. Also in Athena and Roma you can find some umbrellas on various ancient drawings. At the beginning of the XVIII century, the coffee plantage employees protected their customers from the sun with huge umbrellas made out of leather. When if finally arrived in London years and years later, the people didn’t like it because it meant you didn’t have your own harnessing, but it quickly became very popular around the XIX century.


The first producers used whalebone and in 1880 Samuel Fox invented the stainless steel mechanism. The most prestigious umbrella brand is “Fox” created in 1868 (no relation with Samuel). This brand nowadays has a very useful website where you can order your “brolly” (surname of the black men umbrella) and have it send to you anywhere in the world for approximatively 150 euros. Another great umbrella brand is James Smith in London. It was founded in 1830 and their shop stayed in its beautiful Victorian style eversince.  Another famous brand is Swaine but it’s a bit more expensive than Fox…


Finally note that if you are a true gentleman it’s always smarter to have a long stick umbrella instead of these “telescopic  things” sold for few euros at the exit of the trainstations; it just looks better when offering your services to a young lady standing in the rain, Ella ella eh eh…

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  1. Bertie says:

    Guys please note it should had a picture of Rihanna dancing in underwear with an umbrella for this article but I’m afraid Bobby squizz it !!! ahahaha ;-)

  2. Lance Miller says:

    Cheers to Bertie and boeeeee to Bobby! Bobby did you take the picture for your private collection? How’s life in Paris buddy? It’s rainy here in the Netherlands.. should go out and find a descent umbrella. I only have a few telescopic ones lounging around

  3. Bertie says:

    raining also on Paris, too much depressive and winter season is coming…

    You should order an umbrella to fox by internet, I had buy mine here and it’s very nice.

    …looking the french team tonight in football try to win a ticket for the next world cup, does the netherland is it qualify ?

  4. Bertie, You’re absolutely right… I forgot about the lovely Rihanna picture…. I will fix her asap…
    je suis desole!!!!!

  5. Bertie says:

    Dear Bobby, I just recomand this picture for you and the polularity of your blog, if you want a lot of connection you must add a big part of sex on this blog, it’s the first step of advertising ; next we will invent a scandalous history to grow up the buzz ! :-) :-) :-)

  6. ahahahha…. since it is also YOUR post… would you like to participate in that scandalous history?.. I will just post it then ok? :P

  7. ok.. Bertie…. Ms.Umbrella is back… I hope it will satisfy your appetite

  8. Bertie says:

    …I prefered the other picture I sent, nevermind… ask to Lance what he think about it ? :-)

    But I ilke the opposite betwen the Rihanna picture and the oxford student…

  9. Look at all those wood hooked personalities.