Paul van Paridon @ Rotterdam; La Chemiserie Traditionnelle (LCT) Shop

16 Apr , 2009  


La Chemiserie Traditionnelle (LCT) Shop

Model Name:  Paul van Paridon

Profession: Sales


Brands: Shoes; Profuomo / Shirt; LCT 

















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  1. Paul van Paridon says:

    - tailored trousers by Steppin’ Out;
    - tailored unconstructed jacket by Cum Laude;
    - shirt by LCT, with double collar and contrasting fabrics;
    - pocket square by LCT;
    - shoes by Profuomo, suede;

    not shown:
    - suspenders by Society Shop;
    - socks by Profuomo.

  2. Lance Miller says:

    Hi Paul, I was quite amazed with all the products in the LCT shop. Especially all the features one may chose from when organizing a bespoke shirt. Could you please enlighten us about LCT as a brand and what they do?

  3. Paul van Paridon says:

    Lance, LCT Maatkleding is a company where you can buy your made to measure shirts, suits and jackets. We also have a collection of ready to wear clothing, like cotton trousers and pullovers in nice summerly collors. Off course, you can always take a look on our internetpage,, where you can get a general idea of our possibilities.

    But better yet, people should stop by at one of our stores so they can feel the fabrics and see all the options.

  4. Lance Miller says:

    Where are the LCT stores located Paul? I have a few friends scattered throughout the Netherlands who want to visit a order some items.

  5. Paul van Paridon says:

    The stores are located throughout the Netherlands. In alphabetic order:

    Amsterdam | Cornelis Schuytstraat 7
    Breda | Wilhelminastraat 45
    Den Bosch | Fonteinstraat 7
    Den Haag | Haagsche Bluf 20
    Haarlem | Anegang 22
    Rotterdam | Karel Doormanstraat 322

    And we’re opening a store in Utrecht as well, at the beginning of July.