Pleated Pants or Flat Front?

29 Sep , 2009  

Flat Front Or Pleated?

A dear friend of mine who works in a men’s suit store told me that most people are still in doubt about the reasons for wearing a flat front or pleated pants. His customers frequently have the wrong assumptions about these two different styles of pants.

Let’s get one thing straight right now: I prefer to wear flat fronts because I like to wear my pants slim (just like my jacket). Pleated pants fit too spacious for me, making me want to call my local tailor for some speed-slimming.


However, the pleated pants does solve some problems. A lot of professional sportsmen choose a pleated pants as it is the only thing they can wear because of their trained upper legs. Think about professional soccer players, swimmers and cyclists. Most overweight people will also prefer to wear pleated pants, as their posture needs the extra space.

It is wrong to assume that the pleated pants are the solution for overweight people. The ‘pleat’ needs to fall straight from the waist down. Someone who has a little investment underneath his shirt will automatically wear their pants below it, and with that, make the pleats in the pants break. The flat front will have the same wrinkled effect.


So never wear pleated pants? Not necessarily. Pleated pants can be worn with style if you make sure that the pants are not wider than your average flat front. I would also suggest wearing pleated pants in the winter or fall, as the fabrics are thicker and clothes tend to have more layers, making the pleated pants blend in.

In short, Suit Society will respect both types of pants, as long as your appearance is with style and consensus. Usually, you will have more success with a flat front. Does anybody have photos of their choice of pants for the Suitorialist?



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  1. Guys… Im thinking of buying a pleated pants…….

  2. Me says:

    I actually have a cock. I need pleated pants. I am sorry to hear that flat front work for you.

  3. sid says:

    Pleated pants look sexy on men, they kind of accentuate their package and look really masculine. Pleated pants say, ” I have a penis and need the extra room.” Pleated pants are to a mans bulge what darts, gathers, etc are to a woman’s bust. Flat front pants too to metro sexual, straight men should wear pleated pants!

  4. I agree says:

    Pleated pants- 100%
    Go with the flat front and you’re in for a big trouble. In 99% of the cases in a business environment this says I’m weak & have no balls. And I meant balls literally!

  5. Johhny says:

    If your under 50 and want to buy a new suit (and are in good enough shape) there should be no argument – flat front pants. Pleated pants scream I am old, outdated, and I should be replaced (since i cannot comprehend the changing times). A flat front pant makes a man look trim and admirable.

    Gone are the times when seniority and old-fashion thinking wins out. In with the new, out with the old