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25 Nov , 2009  

Both Worlds

I have both: jackets with the stitched-on pockets and jackets with the conventional flaps. During long discussions with my friends, I noticed that people often think that stitched-on pockets are too casual and dandy for any business environment and prefer the conventional flaps for their conventional job. However, both versions of the pockets have been around forever. I’ve regularly spotted an elderly man with the stitched-on pockets on the jacket. I wonder if the old chap knew he’s a dandy….


Usually, you’re able to open the pocket of both kinds of jackets. I prefer to leave them closed as opening it would be equevalent to opening pandora’s box; you never know what comes out of it in due time. So when you start to use the pockets of your jacket as a Homedepot, it’s time to buy a briefcase.


However, there is some ambiguity in this statement, because I do like to open my stichted-on pockets. Not for its usefullness of storing my deskappliances, but for the simpel fact I like the looks of it.  So we can safely say that flaps aren’t conventional per se or stitched-on pockets dandy.  So what should we do?


Perhaps the solution can be found inside the pockets. Let’s not make a difference between stitched-on and flap pockets, but rather between what’s actually in the pockets. An old fashioned (stitched-on or flap) pocket contains the following items; big leather wallets with useless discountcards of places you’ll never go again, 3 pens, roll tabacco, a comb, toothbrush, writing bloc, sattelite telephone and 15 different businesscards. The Dandy’s pockets contain: an ipod, a cardholder, a pocketsquare and a small smartphone. That’s it. Did I forget anything?

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  1. Bertie says:

    Hi Bobby,

    I found the second picture very smart, is it you ?
    Very interesting article and I noticed myself something else about the stitched-on pocket : I’m rather tight and the jacket with this kind of pocket don’t look very nice for this category of people for my opinion…
    Last remark I recommand to have always near of you a girl friend with a big bag to help you to carry your homedepot (same kind as an Nepal Sherpa, you see ?) really a girl is useful for a lot of things ;-)


  2. Hey Bertie.. Unfortunately, it’s not me, but one of the PAs of Oger in Rotterdam… great outfit don’t you think?… I agree that the stitched-on pockets don’t look great on everybody… If you are relatively small, the pockets look relatively big… does that relatively make any sense? :P
    Hahaha… perhaps for the next article… briefcase vs girlfriend… I’m so practical…
    Bon nuit!

  3. Lance Miller says:

    Hahahahahaha nice one Bertie!! I typically end up carrying the girl’s stuff though.. :) Bon soirée mes amis!