Prince William Suits up!

15 May , 2011  


Don’t you agree that it’s funny how the world couldn’t wait to see what Kate Middleton was wearing on the Royal wedding, and nobody cared about our main-man William?

Prince William is not the snazziest of all. He strictly follows the English suit etiquette, wide lapels, french collar, loads of checks and I have never seen him bring out a nice slim-fit tie. For a while he was carrying a beard that looked pretty cool, right?


Some of the wedding guests of honor matched the theme of the day, royalty. Check out David Beckham and his spicy girl: now that’s a snazzy couple.


Who designed prince William’s military suit? His Savile Row tailor Gieves & Hawkes did the job, and as the have an excellent reputation I don’t dare question the quality, English fit and etiquette. But why so stiff? If you check out their site you’ll see they have awesome gear for sale. Nicely woven slim-fit tie’s, light fabric and light shades of grey colored jackets, iconic pea coats. I value traditions very much and belief that it brings meaning to life and honors those who set the traditions such as elderly within the family. Same for price William, his grandfather, father and uncle married in a military suit too.


Prince William wore these suits as well, making him stand out as a royal king of smiling!



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  1. Stefan says:

    David Beckham’s medal is on the wrong side of his jacket.

  2. Lance says:

    @Stefan: hehe