Roeljan Buijs @ the old KPN building

14 Jan , 2010  

This week yet another business look. RJ is a real branding enthousiast, both product branding as well as personal branding.


Suit: SuitSupply

Shirt: Cavallaro Napoli

OrangeTie: Cavallaro Napoli

Belt: Gant Usa

Shoes: Cortina


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  1. Karl says:

    Nice pictures! The location is great!
    I actually like the look: clean, simple business look with a colourful detail. The orange tie seems to be a sort of symbol or sign for his company? I like it, looks great!

  2. …Just like Karl said: I think it is the easiest business-look there is, a business suit with a colorful detail… You can wear any color tie you want with such a combination…

  3. Roeljan says:

    @ Karl, you’re totally right; the OrangeTie is indeed the symbol of MarketingYou. Beeing a real branding enthusiast I was trying to find something that really communicated well, not only on paper and on the screen but also in real life.

    @… The color orange has also been said to communicate certain characteristics. Like red is said to be a very aggressive color, orange is also a power color that is all about creativity, innovation, enthusiasm and sociability. All characteristics that I feel are close to me.

    I like to know if somebody has ideas on how to implement color psychology on wearing a tie. Like it is said that red is to be worn if you want to make a more aggresive appearance. Look forward hearing from you.

    And by the way, I don’t wear orange ties all the time. I do like to change around but most of the time my ties will be of one or two solid colors. I don’t have many ties with prints, I have a hard time finding real nice ones that don’t look to classical.

  4. Karl says:

    I think this “easy” outfit is the best business look. Easy or simple does not mean you don’t care for your look. I think it means the opposite. This look is business! ;-)

  5. Bertie says:

    I’m ok with Karl, this look “made the job” no more no less, but if all the businessmen were so well dressed as him, it would be a big step for humanity !

    …I visited his website and I like his logo very much : the “M” with the orange tie is wonderful and the Panda poken is very cute. Good luck to him & his business.

  6. I totally agree with you guys… This business look is perhaps the most respected look in the world of formal menswear. Nevertheless, a lot of people have trouble wearing a suit by even the basics of etiquette.. Everytime I see somebody that is not weldressed, it ‘costs’ me a glass of whiskey… there still is a lot of work to do :D

    I just got back from lunch, right now I’m enjoying the last sunrays of the season…

  7. Roeljan, Thanks for the comment, my apologies for the late reaction… I think/feel that the color blue is albout negotiations en openness…?

  8. Karl says:

    Great job! Not only you match your tie to your suit/shirt but also to your personality! :-)

    I’m not sure, I think blue stands for youth and hope? And it is often said, blue is “calming down” the viewer.
    Green stands for nature, sustainability.

    The outfit is definitely one of the most respected outfits in business world. I thought about that, but did not quite know how to express that! :-)

    When you visit some offices, you’ll have to drink the whole bottle of whiskey! Done in one! ;-)