Roy on his bicycle

20 Jun , 2009  

Profession: Sales

I ran into Roy this morning on his bicycle at Hofplein, Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The leather bag, the slim-fitted jacket, pants and made-to-measure shirt with open buttons… Roy never closes the buttons of his shirts, not even with French cuffs. This looks great on him because he has his shirts made-to-measure and bespoke tailored, which means that the length and fit of the sleeve are perfect for his body. 


  Check out the tie dimple!! It’s perfectly executed!   




Notice not only that the buttons of his shirts are undone, but also the last few buttons on the sleeves of his jacket are opened. According to the suit etiquette, properly crafted suits have buttons that are able to be opened rather than merely stitched to the sleeve.

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  1. JR says:

    The shoes look made to order. Possibly Berlutti or Edward green. Good Pic!

    1. Lance Miller says:

      Thanks JR! The pic was made with my Nokia smartphone since I seriously ran into Roy, haha. We are still trying to organize the cash for a descent camara. Roy is in Costa Rica at the moment, so I’ll ask him about the brand of the shoes when he’s back ok. It could be a Berlutti. Roy on a bike wearing Berlutti’s, haha. He could sell his Berlutti’s on eBay and buy a descent car :) We speak soon JR. It’s good having you around. Lance