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Shanghai by night

6 Feb , 2010  


It’s the year of the Golden Tiger!

My sister studies Mandarin in Shanghai and last time I heard her order a Beijing Duck from a restaurant it sounded fluent. But to me anything that links back to any Chinese language sounds fluent.. Anyway, I love China. I have been there four times and each time things have changed so much. They develop in such rapid pace.. In the Netherlands it takes construction workers and government officials 10 years to complete a metro station. It takes the Chinese a couple of weeks..

Onno is starting a couple new ventures, and likes his cuff’s unbuttoned.


The Dutch in general don’t dress nice… The Italians produce some amazing clothing and are notorious for their sense of fashion. China is the world largest garment manufacturer, and are also continously developing a fashion scene that I appreciate :)




My sister restyled the gentleman’s handkerchief. Check out her tutorial videos for more styles.


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  1. Lance says:

    Have any of you guys been to China or have a fashion experience dealing with China?

    Have a good weekend!


  2. Lance Miller says:

    @ Cyrille; yeah mon! ;) Back in the F1 days… The good life

  3. Cyrille says:

    There are 1001 tailors in Shanghai, listning to names as “Tony the Tailor”. The fabrics they use are not great, rather disappointing… A “Made-To-Measure” shirt will cost you around 10 euro, suits start at 45 euro.

    Still there are some tailors that work with high quality fabrics from Italy, like Zegna and Loro Piana. One of them is WW Chan & Sons: .

  4. Lance Miller says:

    @ Cyrille; Thanks cool tip!!! Next time around.., Are you going to Malaysia and China this year?