Silk Knot Cufflinks are Cool

22 Feb , 2009  

Silk knot cufflinks, also known as monkey fists, monkey balls, turk’s heads and bachelor knots, are colorful and much cheaper than metal-like cufflinks.


Because they are cheaper, especially in the United States of America, many men have issues with wearing them and stick religiously to their beloved silver plated cufflinks. However, there is an unfortunate assumption that silk knot cufflinks are less formal or creative. They are just as formal and because they are cheaper it is feasible for a man to buy them in many different colors to coordinate them creatively with the rest of their outfit.

Most of the nicknames for a silk knot cufflink derive from either the monkey’s fist knot or turk’s head’s knot, while they are actually a modified version of the turk’s head knot. The bachelor knot however, is a special type of cufflink that I personally like the most. Because bachelors go out until late at night, they can easily leave the silk knots in their shirts for washing and ironing. This cannot be done with precious silver sterling cufflinks with a valuable gem that might get damaged. Furthermore, they are very light and therefore hardly ever get in the way.

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  1. JaneRadriges says:

    Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

  2. Karl says:

    I totally agree! I like bachelor knots very much!

  3. Nice. these are great.
    We always find that when buying cufflinks as a gift matching a pair to the persons hobby/interests always goes down well.

  4. Julio Justiniano says:

    I think they look childish, not even rebelious, or casual. I’ll put them up there with wearing sneakers with suits.