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4 Dec , 2011  

Have you ever watched the TV show How I Met Your Mother? Well, then you’re familiar with the suit-wearing, womanizing, Legen – wait for it – DARY character, Barney Stinson. I’m sure you’re also familiar with Barney’s catchphrase, “Suit Up!,” and that he wears a suit almost all the time, for almost any occasion.


Work, drinks at the pub, laser tag, being a contestant on The Price is Right, all suit-wearing occasions. A funeral, not so much because suits are full of joy and are for the living. A random knock on the door in the middle of the night by two tens who need to use your shower, well that’s a suit-worthy occasion, and one should always be prepared.

This is where Suitjamas come in. Because it’s about looking good ALL the time.

Legendary Suitjamas, an Australian-based company, took the idea one step further and now the famous Barney Stinson suit pyjamas, complete with a sleeping cravat, are available to those of us outside of TV land.

Now any man, or any woman really, can just hop online and order a pair. Facebook.com/Suitjamas offers Basic, Premium and Legendary options for the economical business man to the serious get-down-to-businessman. All Suitjamas are available in Barney’s classic Armani Grey, with an off-white shirt and black tie and come in satin or silk. The Legendary option also comes with a very important feature, the Emergency Contraceptive Pocket (ECP). This Bro-inspired innovation is located inside the left breast of the jacket, and ensures the wearer is always ready to “Suit Up.”


Suitjamas are guaranteed to make you look amazing and give you that extra boost with the ladies. Eighty-three percent of men wearing Suitjamas say they are happier and more confident. True story.

Guest performance by Jennifer Berube.

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