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How to wear the right socks with a suit

19 Aug , 2014  


Tips to match socks to your suit.

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Prince William Suits up!

15 May , 2011  


Don’t you agree that it’s funny how the world couldn’t wait to see what Kate Middleton was wearing on the Royal wedding, and nobody cared about our main-man William?


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Taking Care Of Your Wardrobe

25 Feb , 2011  


For many people a good suit or good shoes are something they only wear for special occasions or don´t dare to put it on at all.


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How to wear a cardigan with a suit?

4 Feb , 2011  


Cardigans have become really fly in the last couple of years. Some time before, our snazzy grandpa’s would wear them around the house. They are easier than sweaters to put on and off since you merely have a few buttons to take care off.

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Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold

30 Jan , 2011  

For those of you who watch “Entourage” with the same sense of fashion woman watch sex and the city I probably don´t have to explain to you what the L.A. power suit is that comes with the character Ari Gold in the series.

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Josep Guardiola’s Style

30 Nov , 2010  


Former professional soccer player Josep Guardiola who currently is FC Barcelona’s coach caught the worldwide attention of the media for winning the Champion League. He also caught my attention for his fine taste of suits. As I was having a few drinks with a buddy who works in a formal gentlemen’s clothing store, he told […]



Bruce Lee in Suit

24 May , 2010  


A tribute to the legendary martial artist and moviestar Bruce Lee. I think he had great taste for men fashion. What do you think? Picture this in the seventies



Young and Ambitious; Amsterdam, Leidsestraat

3 May , 2010  


Suitorialist Spotted Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands @ Leidsestraat Model Name:  Alper T. Kilickaya Profession: CEO/Chairman Camera: Nikon D90


Afro Suit Look @ Rotterdam

11 Apr , 2010  


Model Name: Soefien Profession: Model