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Taking Care Of Your Wardrobe

25 Feb , 2011  


For many people a good suit or good shoes are something they only wear for special occasions or don´t dare to put it on at all. With one thing I definitely agree: Someone thought well about the design of a piece of clothing and put many hours of effort in it so the least the owner should do is pay respect for that. I don´t know how many of you have ever witnessed a suit getting born from the beginning of the design until the finished suit, but those who have will have that respect for sure. But I also think you should still see a suit or shoes as a piece of clothing, which means you should wear it. You maybe shouldn’t play football with it but you can still wear the good fabrics for your daily activities. I always try to wear my own suits as much as possible and still keep them as “new” as possible just by following a simple routine.

My former boss always said that a suit needs time to rest. After a day of wearing it needs a day of rest and after two days of wearing it needs two days of rest otherwise you are going to see the spots where you knees are while you are sitting and the place your wallet is sitting. And for the resting you should put it on a good hanger that is similar to the width of your shoulders, don´t worry about plastic or wood because it doesn´t matter. Just make sure you empty all the pockets before you hang it up and let it breathe a little while before you put it in the closet.

If I ever need to iron my suits (I try to avoid that) I make sure that I put a humid towel in between to make sure the fabric is not going to shine at that spot. Usually I just put it hung up in the bathroom, turn on the hot water and let it hang in there for a little while. The mist is going to take care of little wrinkles and also takes away the smell if necessary. Especially a suit made of wool needs that humidity to stay elastic.

Everybody seems to have a different opinion about dry-cleaning and think I agree with the gentlemen from Savile Row that consider it as being unnecessary. All I usually use is a brush of real hair to brush it off after wearing it. For my finer cashmere suits I use a really smooth goat hair brush. That takes away all the daily dust and makes a chemical cleaning pretty much unnecessary.
I think I apply to almost all my clothing (especially the favorite pieces) certain rules to keep everything neat, because let´s be honest: nobody cares if your suit is custom made and cost a fortune if it looks like you have just been taking a nap on the street with it.

For my ties I just always make sure to unknot them and especially when knotting or unknotting, do that very carefully otherwise the structure of the fabric gets ruined and the tie is losing its shape. And most important: Never ever wash a tie!!! If there are any stains on it, just treat the stain and never the whole tie. Since a tie never touches your skin while wearing it you shouldn´t worry about regular cleaning at all.

With shoes I heard something interesting the other day from an Amsterdam shoemaker: never wear leather shoes 2 days in a row. Maybe you already knew this but I didn´t. According to him, the leather soaks in all the sweat from your feet (yes even if you don’t have sweaty feet) and that doesn´t only make them uncomfortable to wear but they will look old and shabby a lot sooner. So you should also give shoes a day of rest before wearing them again.

Who still needs kids right? Seems like well dressed men have enough to take care of ;)
I´m curious what efforts you make to keep your wardrobe in a good shape!

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  1. PhillyPR guy says:

    OMG What an incredibly insightful article. I had no clue about the “letting your suit rest” bit or the “let your shoes rest” bit. Thanks a million!

    You are personally responsible for me now needing to go buy two additional suits and accompanying shoes! (Damn you! & Thank you!)