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The Blues Brothers

23 Dec , 2011   Gallery

The Blues Brothers

Perhaps they aren’t the best example of courtesy, perhaps they shouldn’t use their fedora hats to break in an entry, perhaps they haven’t got the best table manners of even money for cheese on their toast, but I love ‘em.

In 1980, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi released their movie ‘The Blues Brothers’. Their outfit made the suit something cool to wear for the normal man. When Jake Elwood (John Belushi) leaves the jailhouse in the beginning of the movie, the impound officer gives back his stuff: “One Timex-watch, broken…. Boots, black….. Belt, black…. One black suit jacket…. One pair of black suit pants…. One hat, black…. One pair of sunglasses…”. The slim tie, fedora hat and cool Wayfarer sunglasses make these guys true icons.

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