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The Bodywarmer Jacket

2 Dec , 2009  


It’s a great kind of jacket to wear when the sun is out in the winter, but should we wear it Smart Casual or with a suit? Suitsupply has some new bodywarmer jackets that are a 100% wool, so they’re pretty snug. I personally think it looks pretty weird to wear a bodywarmer jacket over your suit jacket, as the suit jacket will pop-out underneath your bodywarmer. You should only wear it over your woolsweater or pullover with a Smart Casual style. Check out the photos and answer the following question: Hot or Not?





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  1. Bertie says:

    Hi Bobby,

    This kind of over jacket is very useful in Italy, wear with a suit, and I agree that very cool…

    best regards

  2. Bart Beerden says:

    I’d say “not”. It looks like a life-jacket when combined with a suit.
    With a sweater or pullover it looks nice, of course, and especially those wool bodywarmer jackets.


  3. Karl says:

    With a pullover or something else underneath, its okay. But with a suit? Absoulutely no way! ;-)

  4. Im still not convinced Bertie… :P It looks strange with the suit-jacket’s flaps sticking out underneath… mmm

  5. Nick says:

    I’d say it is a daring concept… but a big NO. This just doesn’t make sense. If you want to keep warm, get a nice coat.

  6. Bertie says:

    My Friends !!!

    I ask you to think about it this winter : everybody knows the famous Gianni Agnelli did it there are 50 years, today her nephew Lapo Elkan or Bruno Cuccineli wear sometimes their bodywarmer over her suitjacket and if you travel to Napoli this winter you will see a lot of very smart men do it.
    This afternoon I walked in front of the window of a very classy and traditionnal clothes English shop and I had see the same grey bodywarmer.

  7. ok… Bertie… interesting… perhaps they do look better on an Italian-Suitorialist than a window dummy…. About the clothes shop, can you remember the name of the shop?

  8. Bertie says:

    The shop is “old-england”, I don’t know if you know this Parisian clothing temple until Holland, but you can dress here all your family (childs, mother and father) with the most English prestigious brand more expensive than everywhere else ! ;-)