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The Dry-Martini

28 Oct , 2009  

Don’t copy James Bond: drink a Dry-Martini !

(by Bertie)

Do you remember Humphrey Bogart overdress in his trench coat in 1942 for the movie “Casablanca” directed by Michael Curtiz? What a man! Eversince I saw that movie I have been waiting for rain so I can wear my trench coat.


Did you know that when they filmed this movie in Morocco, the team had some problems getting a full night sleep due to the mosquitoes. Boogie (Bogart) found a solution for the problem: before going to bed he drunk so much Dry-Martini that he didn’t even the notice the mosquitoes sucking his blood. The next morning he would find dead mosquitos everywere in his room….


The Dry-Martini is the king of the cocktails, it’s the cocktail of the real gentlemen and there aren’t a lot of other cocktails that have so many legendary stories. I think it has the finest taste of all cocktails and is one of the most powerful. The beautiful actress Ingrid Bergman used to say: “during dinner, give me a Dry-Martini: everything is okay… give me another and I’m under the table; give me three: I’m on my neighbor”. During the 50′s in Hollywood, the party for the last day of filming was called “the Martini Day”.


Let me now tell you the recipe for a real Dry-Martini as Collin from the Hemingway-Bar at the Ritz Hotel Paris learned one night (I will tell you another time what I did in the hotel that night buddies).

Probably the most important step; put your glass in the freezer for 30 minutes; Grab a shaker full of ice, add 1cl of Noilly-Prat Vermouth; Add 5cl of your favourite gin, and now stir with a spoon in the shaker for 30 seconds, no more no less. Yes, a spoon, and yes, stirr it instead of shaking it. James Bond always says “Shaken, not Stirred”, but that just isn’t correct. First of all, if you shake it, you will break the ice resulting in a less pure taste. Secondly, we cannot trust James Bond anymore (played by Daniel Craig) since he is wearing Tom Ford instead of Brioni, plus in the book of Ian Fleming the hero drinks a Vesper cocktail, which is also a good cocktail but it is not a Dry-Martini. A Vesper cocktail contains gin, vodka, white Lillet.


To finish up, you may now can overturn the gin and vermouth in the freezing glass and add a twist of lemon peel  (olive is better for a Vodka-Martini). Now that you have your Dry-Martini, be quiet and enjoy : cheers !

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  1. Karl says:

    Bertie, this article is absolutely great! :-D
    Thanks a lot for posting! Your style of writing is great! :-)

  2. I agree.. Bertie, you should keep writing :D

  3. Bertie says:

    Hi gentlemen,

    thanks you are very kind, For several years I tried to publish a novel but without success…

    Bobby, did you receive my emails on your private box ?


  4. Lance says:

    Bravo grande!!! Best of wishes from Abu Dhabi. The F1 circuit is amazing… Hard work but lots of fun. Write again in the NL.

  5. Hi Bertie, I hope you received my reply on your email?
    Gentlemen: it’s weekend :D

  6. Jerome says:

    There is only one necessity to create the perfect dry martini: ‘Tanqueray No. TEN’
    …very tasty

  7. Lance Miller says:

    @ Bertie::: Well come to Rotterdam/Amsterdam and tell us what you were doing at that hotel please!! When we meet, and believe me we will meet, I am looking forward to this story. Perhaps it will take you a few dry-martini’s to tell.. :)

    Do you say a Brioni suit is better than a Tom Ford?

    @ Jerome: Hi man. Are you; 1) a bartender 2) a bar customer :) 3) anything in between? Welcome to our little society and see you around.



  8. Bertie says:

    Ah Lance is back, I saw the formula one race on my tv this week-end with my father and that’s look great isn’t it ?

    I hope to meet you a next time on Paris perhaps with Bobby and you… I will tell you this story, it’s the kind of story who remind you god probably exist :-)

    I can’t buy a Brioni suit or a Tom Ford, so I don’t need to made a choice :-)


  9. كازينو says:

    Hi guys, tried loading this blog through Google RSS reader and got a strange error message, any ideas what could be the issue?