The Wool Tie

4 Nov , 2009  

A tie made of wool

Right now you probably sort your ties on winter and summer colors. A dark red silk tie is perfect to express your autumn moods. However, there is another option. Not only will the suits get bristlier in the coming months, also the ties will change.


So try something else this autumn/winter with a wool tie. It gives you a more natural look in the winterly scene and makes you stand out amongst those shiny silky ties. It looks more relaxed, but if worn properly, gives you that edge you have been looking for.


In England, the wool tie is preferably worn during informal gatherings and country life. ┬áSome examples of common occasions are regiments, collages and country clubs. Often these organizations offer their same ‘club’ tie in the wool fabric. The suit that goes best with the wool tie is (of course) the tweed suit. Because o f the country clubbish background, you will often find a wool tie with prints of animals like the duck, fazant or horses.

But let’s go back to the program. I personally believe that a wool tie is a respectful addition to start of the new season. As the weather keeps getting colder, fabrics tend to get stiffer and pricklier. So when you add a new suit of an autumn/winter collection to your personal collection, make sure you also purchase a wool tie: if your suit looks a hundred years old, so should your tie.


About its comfort, I can say that your wool tie will keep you warmer than your silk tie, so wear it on days when the sky is clouded. Try to limit the animal collection on your tie, and start with a plain wool tie in dark blue. It’s just easier and better to wear to your formal occasions. One of the best combinations to wear is a blue wool tie with a checked shirt. Even though the weather outside is pretty good, I’m ready.



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  1. Carlos says:

    Thnx for posting this, like the idea. Where can I buy these ties? Do you sell them too?

  2. Hi Carlos, thanks for the comment!
    You can find them in most stores now as the winter collection always contains these bristly fabrics… The tie used in the photos is from… We don’t sell ties on our website (yet)…grt!

  3. I bought a checked wool tie… I will post it asap

  4. Bertie says:

    Guys If you need ties, I sold :

    - a tie form the brand Marinella, of Napoli
    - a tie from Hermes
    - a tie from the brand Ralph Lauren

    20 euros for each tie, I can send picture by email if you are interested…

  5. Lance Miller says:

    @ Bertie: Please sent me a photo of the Marinella tie! info (at) suitsociety (dot) com, merci!


  6. Bertie says:

    @Lance : had you receive the picture ?

  7. I want a Tom Ford wool tie so bad.. so bad.

    1. Lance Miller says:

      @ Kevin; You’ve got a cool blog!

  8. Kevin… nice blog!… I understand your problem…
    I too saw a Tom Ford tie worth killing for…
    Perhaps if Mister Tom Ford would read this, he could send us some samples? :P

  9. Sarah @ barrel wood burner user reviews says:

    What kind of suit, headphones, tie, etc. do I need to accurately mimic Patrick Bateman from American Psycho?
    Really great post, enjoyed reading it. Thanks

  10. gravates says:

    These wool ties are very intresting. It fits great with such shirts as the photo and more traditional suits. I like it!

  11. Dead Nannas says: