Tom Ford

12 Dec , 2009  

“From the time we’re born until we die, we’re kept busy with artificial stuff that isn’t important.”

Tom Ford

Tom Ford was born in Austin, Texas, and spent most of his childhood in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ford moved to New York during his teens and attended courses in art history and later also in architecture.


In 1990, Tom Ford moved to Milan to join Gucci as the company’s Womanswear Designer and soon became Design Director. In 1994 he was appointed Creative Director of Gucci. He was responsible for the design of all product lines, from clothing to perfumes, and for the Group’s corporate image, advertising campaigns and store design. During Ford’s 10 years as Creative Director at Gucci and Gucci Group, sales increased from 230 million dollars in 1994 to almost 3 billion dollars in 2003, making Gucci one of the most profitable luxury brands in the world.

In April 2005, exactly one year after his dramatic departure from Gucci Group, Ford announced the creation of the TOM FORD brand. Ford has been given a number of prestigious awards, of which the most striking was the Menswear Designer of the Year Award at the annual Council of Fashion Designers of America award ceremony. He had won this award only after the first year launch of his signature label.

I have only been to TOM FORD stores in New York and Milan, both stores are a gentlemen’s sanctuary.

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  1. stephan strack says:

    Was already thinking when you would post something about Tom Ford. I really like the style of the brand and amazing suits. Unfortunately I can only dream about owning a suit of them.

  2. Lance says:

    @ Stephan; Hahaha I hear you… Quite pricy suits indeed.. and they aren’t fashionable since he always does the opposite of whatś hot in Italy. Maybe he should stick to bags and stuff like that :)

    Hows life there in EU? I’m at Cambodia for another 3 weeks and just arrived from Kuala Lumpur. I found a place where they make made-to-measure shirts for 12 usd :) But all ugly fabrics…

    Sent me your news!