Wouter van der Vlis @ Rotterdam Skyline

25 Jul , 2009  

Wouter van der Vlis

Job: Asset Management


Tonight I had two friends over for dinner, and Wouter came straight from work in his suit with Brioni pocket square. I had to ask him for a photo on our roof! :)


Wouter’s brands:

Suit: SuitSupply Suit Up, Italian

Shirt: SuitSupply made-to-measure

Shoes: Profuomo

Tie: Marinella

Watch: Frederique Constant


Check out how Wouter matches the shoes, belt and watchband!!


 Nice tie dimple! Briono pocket square..


That’s the right lenght of the pants.



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  1. Tien says:

    Looks great! Nice matching bag, love the tie and pocket square!


  3. Wouter van der Vlis says:

    Hey Lance,

    Dinner was great! Should do that more often. just a small addition to the gear:
    The bag is from Mexx and bachelor knots in the cuffs.

    Next time a Cuba libre in the sun!

  4. My compliments on your style Wouter!… Great shoes btw

  5. Lance Miller says:

    Yes those shoes look good! I was at LCT talking to Paul van P today and he told me you ordered some new made-to-measure shirts :) So when is our next photo shoot session? Btw, I ordered also a made-to-measure boxershirt in the same fabric as my made-to-measure shirt from LCT. Haha, with my cellphone number on them in case I forget them somewhere?!

  6. Tim says:

    About the suit: Suit Supplys ‘Suit Up’ range is produced in Portugal… So I guess the fit is Italian ?

    1. Lance Miller says:

      Hi Tim! Do you have a SuitUp? The fabric is made in Italy. Where the suit is put together I am not sure about, it might very well be in Portugal. What is your source? It’s always good to have guys like you on our blog keeping us sharp and sharing their knowledge. Thanks for the comment! Looking forward to your reply. Best, Lance Miller

  7. Wouter van der Vlis says:

    i just checked and it is not stated on the jacket where it is made, it just says that the fabric is made in Italy, by Vitale Barberis Canonico, so Tim, if you have any more info on this please let us know :)!

    Lance, if your story about the boxers is true I should definitely go back, that would be awesome, just don’t change your number, otherwise it get delivered to somebody else…