Young and Ambitious; Amsterdam, Leidsestraat

3 May , 2010  


Suitorialist Spotted Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands @ Leidsestraat

Model Name:  Alper T. Kilickaya

Profession: CEO/Chairman

Camera: Nikon D90




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  1. Lance Miller says:

    Great double-monk strap Santoni shoes!
    @ Alper: What are the brands of your suit, shirt, bag and pocket square?

  2. Dear Lance,

    My suit is (custom made) Oger, shirt is (custom made) Circle of Tailors
    and my pocket square is Windsor.

    Kind Regards,

    Alper T. Kilickaya
    The Alper Organization

  3. Alper T. Kilickaya says:

    Dear Lance,

    I forgot to mention my bag brand; Wim Mutsauers.

    Kind Regards,

    Alper T. Kilickaya
    The Alper Organization

  4. Lance Miller says:

    Hi Alper, it is very obvious that your suit and shirt are tailor-made/made-to-measure. They look great! Would you recommend other gentlemen to get their suit ‘made-to-measure’ by Oger?

  5. Alper T. Kilickaya says:

    Dear Miller,

    I am very bad at recomendations, let these gentlemen decide for thereselves.

    Kind Regards,

    Alper T. Kilickaya
    The Alper Organization

  6. Archibald says:

    It’s a great look overall. The suit-fit, the handkerchief, the shoes and the briefcase, love it.

    I have never understood men, wearing a black round-necked t-shirt under their unbuttoned dress shirt though? Or maybe it’s just the time of day, and if we look closer, we would find a nice black tie in the briefcase?